If you are a homeowner and live in the Port Charlotte, Florida region you are probably all too familiar with how complicated it can be to choose from all of the options when it comes to looking for a reliable and reputable roofing contractor. The process can be so stressful for some people that they may even put off having a major roofing issue fixed due to not being able to decide who they should trust with their roof repair project. Though it may sound biased coming from a roofing contractor, it is extremely important that you do not put off having your roof damage addressed, as this can lead to much larger issues down the road if not addressed immediately.

That is why we have created this article to help homeowners navigate the tricky process of weeding through which roofing contractors are not fit to work on their homes, and ultimately come to the right choice for their specific needs. We will discuss why it is so important to hire a roofing contractor that is licensed, how crucial it is to check the reviews from past clients, and why Roofs Only Florida should be your top choice once all of the factors are considered!

Why Is It Important To Hire A Licensed Contractor?

When people hear that their roof is in need of repair or especially a replacement, the first thing they do is clutch at their wallets and groan. Having to have work done to your roof is a necessary expense for any homeowner, though this does not mean that it is a cheap one. If you replace or repair roofs for a living such as roofing contractors do, you understand better than anyone just how expensive and stressful this can be for a homeowner. Unfortunately, many roofers see this as an opportunity to make some quick money since most homeowners will be willing to go with the cheapest option on the market, thinking that the work will not reflect the price significantly enough to make much of a difference.

This leads people to hire unlicensed roofing contractors. When a roofing contractor is unlicensed, they are able to charge much less for their services, as they do not have much of a reputation riding on how well the end result turns out. In some cases they may even do the entire job off the books, meaning that it is not a documented form of exchanged payments and is typically asked to be paid for in cash. This means they have no legally binding contract to the work that needs to be done, and the work that they are paid for. In these instances, if they wanted to they could simply collect a down payment, rip off half of your roof, and then leave without ever contacting you again. This is the risk associated with hiring an unlicensed roofing contractor, and the unfortunate reality of the situation that most homeowners that pursue this path find themselves in.

When you hire a licensed roofing contractor, however, you will not have to deal with these issues. A licensed roofing contractor typically has a reputation in the community, and they rely more on the quality of work that they produce resulting in past customers referring their work to other potential future clients. It would not make sense for a local and licensed roofing contractor to produce work that is not up to their client’s standards, as the word would travel fast that they are not reliable and they would never get jobs. Along with this, a licensed roofing contractor offers alternate forms of payment at times, such as financing and working with insurance companies to help alleviate some of the financial burdens that are associated with roof repair and maintenance jobs. 

How Important Is It To Check The Reviews?

Google is one of the best tools you have at your disposal when searching for a reliable roofing contractor to work on your home. When searching for roofing contractors, a good indicator that they are trustworthy and reliable is if they have a Google my business page set up. This means that they took the time to go through an extensive verification process through Google to license their company as an official roofing company for your area. Within this section, there should also be an area where customers can leave rated reviews.

These reviews should be your best friend, as they come from former clients that were in the position you are currently in today and decided to choose that roofing contractor to work on their home. If a roofing contractor has a lot of positive recent reviews, and a good rating on Google, it can be assumed that they are a reliable and reputable roofing contractor. However, if they have multiple negative reviews or they have a low rating on Google, then they are probably a contractor that you should be wary of!

Why Should I Hire Roofs Only in Florida?

This all brings us to our final question, “ Why should I hire Roofs Only Florida to work on my home in the Port Charlotte, Florida region?“ Here at Roofs Only Florida, not only are we a licensed and recognized contractor serving the Port Charlotte region and surrounding areas, but we also have an excellent reputation with our past clients! Throughout the short time that we have had our Google my page business active, we have been able to gather at least 20 five-star reviews from previous clients, and some amazing testimonials from clients who made the right choice and choose our company to work on their home!

If you are still unsure as to whether or not to choose Roofs Only Florida for your roof maintenance needs, then we encourage you to not only visit our Google my business page, but you also give us a call yourself! Hopefully, we will be able to answer any questions that you may still have, and help you see why our team of licensed contractors is the best choice for any roofing project you may have!