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The Hidden Heroes Of Your Roofing System

There is a lot that goes into the construction of a new house, and the work doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve settled in and made your home pleasant, you’ll want to stay on top of your inspections and any repair work you may need in order to preserve the quality of your home and keep yourself and loved ones safe from the elements. Therefore, it is important to understand the protective measures on the exterior of your home, including the hidden hero: fascia boards. How can you maintain your home if you don’t know how it works?

Fascia is derived from the Latin word for “band or strip of substance.” Fascia in architecture is similar to the fascia that wraps around your muscles to provide a protective sheath. On the other hand, the fascia around your house is a horizontal board that covers the exposed trusses or roof rafters where the walls meet the rooftop. Many homeowners are unaware that their property has fascia since gutters sometimes hide it.

Different Types of Fascia Board You Can Use

Every home has different requirements. That’s why Roofs Only Florida offers various fascia boards for homeowners in Southwest Florida.


Wood fascia boards are ideal because they are inexpensive, versatile, and water-resistant with the proper finishing or treatment. In addition, when you paint over it, you can boost its tensile strength.


This substance is constructed of reclaimed wood chips and sawdust that have been glued together with epoxy resin. It's not as popular as the other options on this list (due to its higher price), but it's rot-resistant, colorfast, and long-lasting.


Vinyl is well-known for its durability and ease of installation. It is less expensive to repair and maintain than wood boards. You can use spraying and wiping to treat any discoloration on this material.


They are a popular alternative for a direct upgrade to wood fascias in every way. Aside from its apparent durability, aluminum fascia is so flexible that it can be used to wrap around wooden fascia boards for weather protection. In addition, it is effortless to install and paint, and it is available in a variety of colors. It is also low-maintenance.

Benefits of Using Fascia Boards in Your Home

Many homeowners ask, “What’s the purpose of that board along my roof edge?”

Consider the muscular fascia as an example of how it protects. The fascia board is the final row of support for the shingles or tiles at the bottom of the roof. Apart from that, fascia provides the following functions:

  • Holds gutters in place;
  • Prevents water from leaking into the roof deck and entering the internal system;
  • Improves curb appeal by covering the rough ends of the rafters;
  • Prevents squirrels, birds, and insects from entering the attic and causing structural damage.

Good Work Is Not Cheap

Cheap Work Is Not Good

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Installation, Repair, And Replacement Of Fascia

Do you want to replace or repair your home’s fascia? Depending on the extent of the problem, such as cracking or decaying, you can either replace the particular area or get an entire overhaul. Always use a reputable and experienced roofing contractor, such as Roofs Only Florida, to install, repair, or replace this vital component of your home.

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