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Roof Inspection In Southwest Florida

Inspecting a roof for damage is not something most people would jump up and down about. However, it is a necessary part of homeownership that you should never skip or put off since it can lead to thousands of dollars worth of structural damage being done if the problems go undetected for too long.

A professional roof inspector will identify any issues that may need to be fixed or repaired. It also serves as an excellent way to keep an eye on the condition of your roof over time.

When it comes to roof inspections, you should always hire someone with experience instead of inspecting it yourself. Cleaning up, patching and repairing your roof can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.

A professional roof inspector will check the entire home for any issues that need to get fixed or replaced. Depending on how serious these problems are, they may recommend replacing the whole roof or just certain parts of it.

What to expect from a roof inspection?

Accurate home inspections that include a roof inspection involve checking several different things outside and inside your property. The most common areas that are inspected for problems are:

Your gutters :

If you have not cleaned out your gutters recently, you may be in for a bit of an unpleasant surprise when your roof inspections reveal that they are packed to the brim with leaves and other debris.


From time to time, water can pool up on flat surfaces or seep through the cracks and openings around your home and cause damage. Without regular roof inspections, you may not even realize that there’s a leak.

Evidence of termite infestation:

Termites can cause a lot of damage to your home if they are allowed to run rampant inside the walls and on your roof. You will be able to identify signs of an infestation when you have a professional inspect your property.

The age of your roof:

Most homes are expected to have a lifespan of around 20 years. After this time, you will want to consider having the roof inspected by an expert to see if it needs replacement due to old age or damage from windstorms.

Inside of your home:

Inspecting the inside of your home is also essential because most of the areas that are prone to water damage from a leak are inside walls. This means that if there's any leak, it may damage the drywall and insulation, leading to a costly repair bill.

Best Roof Inspection Service in Southwest Florida

Did you know that roof damage and weather-related issues are among the top reasons for home insurance claims? Many homeowners don’t realize it may be time to call a roof inspector until there’s an emergency issue.

those who intend to stay in their homes, now is the time to schedule those inspections throughout your house. It’s much easier and cheaper to correct a problem before it becomes an even more significant issue. Call the best roof inspector in Southwest Florida, i.e., Roofs Only Florida.

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